Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Girls Night OWLS

Owls are all the rage this season.  I know, because my closet guru put this on my wish list recently.  I bought it and love it- as I do everything she suggests- but I digress.

Owls can symbolize wisdom, foresight, and the ability to see things that are hidden.  Moreover, they are clearly masters of the night.

So, next week I am hosting an impromptu Moms Night Out for my MOMS club and today I was shopping for my girls and got these adorable owl barrettes.  Naturally, on my way home, my musings of Girls' Night Out melded with my thoughts about owl accessories and resulted in:


Oh, how I amuse my self on that trek back to the burbs....

Here's what I think would make an owl party a real HOOT:


For a little girls party, or for a group of fun ladies, I am loving these charms.  I like to have something that reminds me of a fun evening, and these could be put on simple cords and turned into necklaces, put on a key chain, or used as a zipper pull for your favorite hoodie.  Since owls are so this season you'd be able to wear it with style.


For treats, owl pops are easy to make using moon pies or Oreos.  Of course, I would suggest using Newman's Own cookies because they have ingredients that more closely resemble real food- ones I can pronounce...but that's just me. ;)

For drinks, I think Nolita Night Owl Punch and Night Owl Pumpkin Ale sound super fun.  For a non-alcoholic drink, I would make your favorite punch and name it owl punch or owl coolers.


These are cute and free to download here.  Of course, I really prefer online invites these days.  If you want help keeping track of RSVPs, you can use evite or punch bowl.  Unless I want to use the invite as a keepsake for the guest of honor, I like to simply create my own fun invitation on my desktop using picasa or even Microsoft word, save it as a pdf, and email it out to my guests.  You can also use punch bowl to create your invite using their graphics and save it to your desktop to email or print.  I haven't had a chance to use the site yet.  If anyone else has, I'd love to hear about it!

This could be thrown together so easily and would be a great fall party.  Happy partying!

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