Monday, February 7, 2011

Use WORDLE to create free decor for your party!

Lots of you are probably familiar with wordle from facebook's "My Year in Status" app.

Thanks to Brook Noel of The Make Today Matter Makeover: The 26 Best Ways to Recapture Daily Magic, Kick-start High-Energy Living, and Get the Most out of Life, I was reminded of Wordle and it's free site.  As part of her weekly challenge, she suggested the use of wordle to create a list of 100 things that inspire or encourage you.  A great idea!

Of course, this also got my wheels spinning on how wordle could help with party planning.  Invites would be challenging, because the word art is random.  But for a fly by the seat of your pants party, where you secretly hope some people won't show (no! I never hope that...) it could be lots of fun.

But it could also be great for use as party decor.  You could create your word art, mat it, and use it as a sign in sheet for guests.  Or you could print it in poster size, frame it, and hang it in the party room.

Lots of options.  Here's a quick one I made for an upcoming Thumbelina and Twillerbees party.

One quirk I found when using the site- it won't allow you to save your wordle design to your desktop. You can print, or send it to the wordle gallery.  So, if you want to use a photo site to print a poster sized print, you will have to print it on your own computer, scan it back on to your desktop and then upload it to the photo site of your choice.  Granted, I only tried a few ways, so you may be able to figure out how to do this more easily.  If so, be sure to let me know!

Party on!

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  1. this reminds me! ive been meaning to tell you, the first graders at my school made a list of their 100 favorite things about school and put it into wordle. i meant to tell you to do it with monkey.

    also, it doesnt have to be random. you can just type in whatever words you want and it will make a word cloud. if you want some bigger than others, you write them more than once. (maybe thats how you made the thumbelina one?)

    also, you can save it as a pdf if you want. you just "print" it to whatever pdf writer you have. the problem is that you can't really use it as a photo. although, i know it can be done, because my science teacher has a poster print of one in our class. maybe he used your method?