Monday, April 4, 2011

Time to get those EGG supplies!

Believe it or not, Easter is around the corner.  As are all those know, for school, for your MOMS club, for your own egg hunt....the list goes on.

I don't like getting caught at the last minute, and I like to stuff them all at once, so first I make a list of all the eggs I need to stuff:

  1. 12 for Squeaker's school
  2. 19 for Monkey's classmates
  3. 24 for Spring Fling
  4. 24 for Easter morning hunt at home
So...basically, I need to have 79 eggs, ~7 dozen.  I keep eggs from year to year, so I need to check my stash and see how many I have and how many I will need to buy.  I want to give myself plenty of time to buy and stuff, so I'm not up late the night it's time to look at my calendar.  

Especially when planning ahead and putting dates on my calendar, I like to give myself a week to complete a task.  I don't know right now what I will be doing 3 weeks from now, but I can usually carve out the time to complete a task in any given week.

Our first hunt is on the 20th, so I will want to have everything ready by that Monday (the 18th).  Which means I will want to have my supplies by the 11th, which means I need to check my stash within the next few days so I can get to the store and buy whatever supplies I need.  All these dates go on my google calendar, with reminders set.  This only takes a few minutes and frees up mental clutter for me since I won't have to worry about when and what I need to do to prepare.  If you're like me, it's not the actual task that bogs me down- rather the incessant feeling that I am behind or that I have forgotten something.

Ok, so now that I have my reminders set, I am free to get to the fun stuff- brainstorming non-candy egg fillers.  Here's what I've come up with so far:

  • stickers
  • stampers
  • bath confetti
  • jacks
  • Legos
  • temporary tattoos
  • quarters
  • character bandaids
  • small erasers
  • rings, necklaces
Do you have any ideas for non-candy egg fillers?


  1. remember when dried dates were such a big hit? oh toddlers, youre so easy to please....

  2. what about bouncie balls or those little capsules that grow into things when water is added?

    also, at our school theyre giving out "gomu." theyre weird little japanese erasers that kids collect (there is a paper that shows them all and their point value and what not.) they are all the rage now, and you can trade them with friends and such.

    oooooo... also different colored shoe strings! you know how i love colored shoe strings... can i have some in my easter basket? :D

    for one egg hunt (maybe the family one?) you could do all puzzle pieces and then at the end we can put them all together...

    magnets, finger puppets, mini markers...

  3. keep 'em coming. dates were great while they lasted!

    I read about the puzzle pieces. I think it's a great idea.

  4. What about money (coins, bills)?
    hairclips, ponytail holders (ok I know these aren't gender neutral, so the boys won't want these.)
    little markers

    I love the puzzle piece idea and will look into :gomu". Sounds perfect for the elementary-aged set.