Wednesday, August 24, 2011

WEEK ONE: Sit down for 15 minutes this week and plan your next party

Raise your hand if you promised you wouldn't let your next party sneak up on you.  

Were you able to keep that promise to yourself? If so, congratulations- I bet your party rocked!  

If you were not quite successful, and you ended up stressed and running around like a headless chicken (poor chickens!), don't despair. 

Focus on now and let's plan a party that will not sneak up on you.  From start to finish, I'm going to walk you through your next party...15 minutes at a time!  Seriously. So, choose the party you are going to work on and get ready to have some fun!

Even if you don't have any parties coming up, just choose your next one.  It may be your child's party that is 6 months away.  Or maybe you want to plan your Thanksgiving holiday.  Maybe you want to plan a school holiday party.  It doesn't matter.  This is about learning the process of planning ahead.  So just choose a party you'd like to throw in the relatively near future and let's get to it!  We will be doing 15 minutes a week, every Wednesday, so it's better if your party is at least 3 months away.  I know that sounds crazy, but once you see how easy it is to plan in advance, you'll see the method to my madness!

All you need to start is a journal to take some notes in.  


Just grab something you have lying around- could be a spiral, a journal you started but only wrote a few pages in (tear the pages out and it's new!), or even a legal pad.  If you have a journal you want to make party-plan-a-licious, check out this link for inspiration.

I'll see you here next Wednesday to start planning our next party!  

To recap, your homework for the next 7 days is this:

  • Choose what party you'll be planning (you don't need a theme, just an occasion- birthday, anniversary, holiday, etc.)
  • Find a notebook to keep your planning notes in
If you're feeling adventurous, tell us what party you will be working on.  I will try to incorporate your needs into blog topics to help you with your planning.

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