Monday, January 24, 2011

Host a Coffee Chat and Mug Swap

I read about this in a magazine I just found, The Nest, and thought it was such a fun idea.

Basically, you host a coffee chat and everyone brings a mug to swap.  This isn't as involved as a Round Robin gift exchange, with wrapped gifts and stealing, etc.  (Not that those aren't fun, too!)  For this simple party, everyone brings a mug and places it by the coffee maker as they come in.  When you go to get your coffee, you simply choose the mug that appeals to you and take it home with you when you leave.

Since it's January, and I am a self proclaimed self-help freak, I decided to host a 2011 goals coffee chat for some friends.  Also being a self proclaimed hippie, I am allowing the guests to bring a new or a gently used mug to swap.  The only guideline is to choose a mug that will

  "Inspire one to start the day with gusto!"

Coffee chats are such an easy party to throw, and a great way to get together with friends.  Bake some muffins and make a breakfast casserole, or put out some bagels and lox and you're done!

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