Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Vision Board Playdate

Monkey wants to cook, do crafts, learn more Math (including patterns- she even added an example!), go camping, go to the zoo, and she wants to be Happy. xoxoxox

Who said only grown ups could have New Year's resolutions?

Consider having a vision board playdate.  It's as simple as putting out scissors and glue (it helps if everyone has their own set), along with some magazines and catalogs.  Then step back and let them go to town and create their wish for the year.

If you want to give the kids a bit more direction, you can suggest that they consider these areas:
  1. I would like to do:
  2. I would like to have:
  3. I would like to learn:
  4. I would like to be:
It's also always great if you can share your own goals for the year with them.

Have fun!

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