Thursday, July 8, 2010

9-02-10 Party!

Du nu nu nu...
Du nu nu nu...

If you're a true, old school 90210 fan, the theme song just started playing in your head.

What could be more fun than a 90210 party full of nostalgia and Peach Pit fare on the day that Bridget pointed out to me-


Here's what I'm thinking so far
  • Peach Pit staples- cheeseburgers, fries, and of course PIE
  • Come as your fave 90120 look
  • Team Brenda vs. Team Kelly hairdo race- who's bigger and better??
  • Top 5 90210 episodes for viewing pleasure (to be pre-voted by guests)
  • Prizes for the best side burns, best in character, best playlist
  • Grafitti wall for writing best loved quotes and scene quips
  • Photo op station (perhaps I'll use my favorite photo booth guys)
More later....want an invite? Tell me what you envision!


  1. All attendees should have to exchange an egg somewhere to find out the location of the party.

    That just happened.