Friday, July 30, 2010

Mulling Over Party Ideas

This week I have lots of parties on my mind.

Sarita and I made Monkey's pirate invites last night (part two- more on that later).  Next week we will do the wax seals.  They turned out so cute and were so easy, even with a couple of tea mishaps!

The 9-02-10 plans are in full swing.  Invites (over facebook) are out, food is planned, decor is planned, and entertainment is mostly planned.  I'm loving the facebook invite because people can comment and build the excitement.  The lead up to a party is so much fun.  LOVE the anticipation!  Can't wait to see what my Brenda outfit is going to be.  My amazingly talented closet guru is helping me create the perfect outfit from my existing wardrobe...and maybe a few key additional items.  If you don't have a closet guru, I highly recommend you get one.  Not just for a rockin' everyday wardrobe, but for those parties you can't wait to attend, but aren't sure what to wear!

One of my besties (wow, I just became one of those ladies who use the word besties- awesome) has a birthday coming up in only a few weeks.  We brainstormed ideas yesterday and due to a time conflict are back to the drawing board.  We had been planning to attend the upcoming 10K Pub Crawl, but realized that the day wouldn't work for us.  Bummer, because this year's theme is SUPERHEROES!  I had visions of cape running (ok, walking) dancing in my head.  If you aren't busy Aug 21st, you should try to make it.  It is so much fun.  I'm not part of BARC, but they are an awesome bunch of people and let anyone tag along on the pub crawl, even me!

I'm also on a quest to find a whole foods cake recipe that is quick, easy, and delicious.  Having a bake off in the next couple of weeks will make that feat absolutely delectable!

Finally- I am really excited about planning a theme around these awesome tie dye cupcakes:

How cool are those?  I'm thinking "Peace, Love, and Tie Dye" or "Rainbow Bright" for Earth Day this year.  Any other excuses (I mean ideas) for using these?  Sock 'em to me!  Me, I'll be perusing through ideas here:   The Hippie Handbook: How to Tie-Dye a T-Shirt, Flash a Peace Sign, and Other Essential Skills for the Carefree Life.  I love amazon's used books.  This one can be had for only a few bucks!  I'll be a real hippie in no time!

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