Saturday, July 31, 2010

Creative and FREE invitations that build the fun early on

You don't have to order fancy and expensive invitations to throw a WOW party.  These days email invites, especially for a casual party, are perfectly acceptable.  They are also easy, fast, free, and green!

When planning my invitations, I usually google the party theme for invitation wording ideas.  But this time, when googling "superhero invitation wording ideas," nothing fabulous appeared.  So my husband and I quickly worked with what we could remember about superheroes (the faster than a speeding bullet schtick) and had a blast coming up with the following wording.  It took less than 15 minutes and the result is super cute and fun:

What’s faster than a speeding bullet
More powerful than a locomotive
And able to leap tall buildings in a single bound?

Wait...scratch that and start again....

What’s faster than a keg stand
More powerful than the urge to down a beer when running (okay, walking) a 10k
And able to crawl from one pub to the next?


Please join us to celebrate Kari’s birthday
at BARC’s Annual 10K Pub Crawl**
Saturday, August 21st
10:30 am until we pass out

Let’s meet at Carlos’ Beer Garden at 10:30 to toast Kari before we begin our trek from bar to bar.
The theme this year is SUPERHEROES, so come dressed in your super best.
Bring your super men too!
For those unable to spend the day crawling with us,
please plan to meet us at the last bar, Sam’s Boat,
around 4:00 for an early dinner and cake.

Please RSVP to stacey so we know to look for you,
and in order to designate enough drivers for pick up.

**Aug 21 (Sat) The 10th Annual BARC PubCrawl; The theme has been decided for this year . . . “Superheroes”.  The start will be at 11 am at Carlos’s Beer Garden.  9 Bars, 7 miles, 97 degrees.  More info to come . . . please stay tuned . . .

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