Monday, September 6, 2010

Bear Hunt invites- for FREE

Made these invitations for Squeaker's bear hunt party on kodak gallery using their 50 free Mommy cards promotion.  The photo above shows the front.  The back has the party details:

Squeaker's Turning Four
But Wait!  There's More

We're going on a rowdy jaunt
Will we find a bear- or not?

Join us January 9th from 2-4pm 

RSVP to for directions to the hunt

I ordered 50 of them for free ($3.99 for shipping, but I was ordering prints anyway).  

What will I do with the extras??  Probably cover the writing on the back and use them to personalize party favors or for decor.  I might even use them to decorate thank you notes.

If you haven't gotten your free Mommy cards, read the details here.  You can use these for calling cards, invites, or even teacher gifts.  I also thought about making "Caught Being Good" cards to hand out to my girls as incentives for good behavior.  You could make some of those for your child's teacher also.  

There are tons of possibilities!  If you think of another use, post it here for us all to see.  


  1. I love the Bear Hunt theme! Its M's favorite song at school. Too bad we aren't there the day they sing it, though!

  2. We love that song too. That's where we got the idea. Should be a fun time!

    Just have to find a friendly bear to dress up and hide...