Thursday, September 30, 2010

Make a ONE OF A KIND centerpiece for your next party

My neighbor has started the coolest new biz.  Which, of course, got me to thinking about how I could apply it to my next party.

How cool would this be for a centerpiece?  It could be theme related or say something generic that could be used year to year.  I think the word CELEBRATE would be super fun and would make any food table festive.  And, of course, I love things that can be re-used and enjoyed after the party.

I also think it would be lots of fun to have the guests sign the back.  Several of my friends love unpacking their Christmas ornaments because each one holds a special memory.  This sign could serve the same purpose in helping you remember past celebrations.

Ooohh...a friend recently asked me for some new Thanksgiving tradition about a sign by Brit with BE THANKFUL on it?  

Each year, the guests around your table could write the date, their name, and one thing they are thankful for.  I love how my girls' gratitude matures each year.  Last year, Kate was thankful for Mommy's coffee- not because she drinks it, but because Mommy does and it makes her happy.  Too cute!

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