Thursday, September 9, 2010

Graffiti Walls- Have one at your next party!

A graffiti wall is an easy and creative way to make over a space for any party theme.  The one above was used for the walls of the Peach Pit After Dark at the 9-02-10 party.  It serves as a great conversation starter when you have guests that may not know everyone.   It's also a great place to capture all those zingers that make a party memorable.  Seriously, Brenden....

For ours, we used black bulletin board paper.  Tape it across the walls, add some chalk, and voila!  You have a wall ready for some graffiti.  This type of paper really comes in handy when you need to make a pink playroom into a club scene.   We don't always use paper to cover the walls- sometimes we use sheets.  But the paper is so much easier and fun to decorate too!

A graffiti wall would be a great addition to any Halloween party.  You could use it to design a photo-op backdrop, or put it up beside the bar where people tend to mingle.  Speaking of mingling, if you want to direct your guests to a certain spot (I am forever trying to entice people out of the kitchen), put your wall where you want the traffic to flow.

For the wee ones, you can draw any scene (pumpkins for Halloween, a pirate ship, a fairy scene, etc.), put out markers or crayons, and let the little artists go to town.

After the party, take the paper down carefully, and you can reuse the back for your next party.  If you used white paper and the back can't be re-used, roll it up and put it in your gift wrapping station.

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