Thursday, September 23, 2010

Teach Your Child the Spirit of Giving

What a great way to help instill the idea of giving back to others.  Basically, you log onto ECHOage and create an Eco friendly invitation for your child's birthday.  They can choose from several options.  Your child is also able to choose a charity they would like to sponsor.

Inside the invitation, it will read:

My ECHOage birthday party is a giving celebration for everyone! Instead of bringing a wrapped and packaged present, we invite you to RSVP and give a secure online gift. Half of your contribution will go toward the purchase of a gift I've been dreaming of, and the other half will go toward the charity I have chosen…

This is an amazing idea.  It is quick, easy, and almost effortless for the host and guests.  Your child will feel the spirit of giving, AND be able to choose their own special gift- reducing clutter and unwanted gifts.

Read more about the idea at Whole Living.

LOVE it!  Thanks for sharing, Julie!

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