Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Have you decided how you will celebrate Halloween yet?

How cute are these labels???

I hope you have decided to succumb to the fun that is HALLOWEEN!  I mentioned it here, but I will recap for those who weren't listening- you should have a Halloween bash of some type!  

First, I love, love, love FALL.  Aaahhh....I can breathe again.  I can go outside without melting.  I CAN WEAR MY BOOTS!!!

And second, to me, Halloween is the beginning of fall.  Here in Texas, it's still HOT.  But it's getting cooler.  And by Halloween, it will be almost bearable.  So I bide my time and distract myself with Halloween preparations.

This year, I am having a kiddie carnival like I have for the past several years.  We have little games, a potluck, photo op stations, and tons of fun.

But after seeing Kim's new Halloween Glam collection, I am thinking I need to have at least one more.  I am loving all her labels and catch phrases.  Check out these cupcakes:

She has her printable collection on sale at 50% off until September 22nd.  Usually I like to make my own, but for $9.50, these are a steal.

These are super fun and could be used in so many ways to celebrate Halloween.  I'm thinking a Halloween bunco, wine and whine playdate, or a  Couples Happy Hour at home....what to do, what to do...

I want to know- how are you going to celebrate??

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